Ini Rumah Saya is an independent feature-length documentary about Indonesian surf life and surfers by Inka Salmirinne Creative and friends

The name "Ini Rumah Saya" is Indonesian and means "This is my home" and this way the name reflects and opens the main theme of the movie.

Ini Rumah Saya is both a thoughtful story about Indonesian people and life overall and a gentle ode for the art of surfing. It tells it's story in a realistic way through the lens of a person who sees the country and the sport as a chance to film a beautiful, emotional and interesting piece of work.

The movie elaborates the life of local surfers from grommets to adults, and from everyday surfers to professional, how they manage to live their lives by mixing surfing the perfect waves in the best surf waters of the world and working for example as surf instructors or in surf shops to be able to pay there living costs. Some of them dreaming of surfing as their future career. Even if they have hard times and difficulties to find enough work to get money for food, they still find happiness and balance in life within small things and through the religions and that is an aspect the people of the so called welfare society should learn from them. The happy faces and laughter are the best therapy anyone can ever have.


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Inka Salmirinne
Producer, Director, Director of photography, Executive Editor

”When you walk with naked feed, how can you ever forget the Earth?”
- Carl Jung

Meet Inka, 23, the person behind the whole film project. She's a Finnish photographer and filmmaker traveling around and exploring the world finding new adventures and experiences. Inka is a nature kid and action sport enthusiast with special passion for surfing and freeskiing. It was 2012 when she travelled in Indonesia the first time and ever since the country, especially Bali and Lombok, has been like a second home to her.

Inka has been working on the field of extreme sports photography and filming mainly surfing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding but also in many different kinds projects in any kind of scenes. She also studies audiovisual media culture in the Faculty of Arts in University of Lapland. 2014 she was working in a Balinese surf school and got the idea of the project. Despite her young age she has earned a lot of respect and credit from some Finnish and international photographers and filmmakers.

“I am happy and blessed that I've been given the chance to experience while traveling around and exploring the world. I see great art in those types of sports and I want to show the same beauty I see to the others through my photos and films. Capturing a person that moves so fast isn’t easy, but I think that’s the reason why I love it so much. Even if the athlete, the place or the day is the same, every single second that I stand behind my camera challenges me. My art has taken me to wonderful places and I’ve met people that I would probably never had met without it. I got my first camera when I was five years old and I’ve enjoyed photography ever since. In photography I’m basically self-taught but it hasn't stopped me and I have had some amazing mentors who have helped along the way to get me to this point", Inka in her interview for a Scandinavian art magazine Godartet.


We are extremely grateful and blessed to receive support and love outside from our own team.
Thank you so much! You are the fulfilling pieces that will help us to make take the project to next level and make the movie even better we have planned!

Same Same Bungalows, Kuta Lombok
Pro Surf School, Kuta Bali
Asian Surf Championships

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